Our Products

Our mission is to bring you products:
  • Eco-friendly: Entirely made in India, we’re taking care of the process and waste. Every piece is handmade with care. We support the local community
  • Breathable – our materials are natural, light and breathable. We want you to stay comfy and cool!
  • Stylish- Unique colors and patterns, carefully selected from the Indian traditional prints of Madras. We want you to feel unique and special, hugged by a bright caress of energetic color.
  • Made with Love- Our inspiration come from love, passion and music. We want to share positive energy and good vibes to the world.
  • Unique- The patterns and color choose for our product is very limited, we like to mix the pattern with different border and give the uniqueness feeling to whom is wearing it.
  • Easy to wear – They’re beautiful on their own!! But we don’t want to send you out in the world naked, you can combine them with a simple white t-shirt and jeans or a swim-trunk for the beach! We want you to feel special all the time!
  • Gender and Size fluid –  Our aim is to fit any type of body, height or structure. We want to dress up all of you beautifully and with love! Man or woman, tall or short, white or dark, and anything in between!