Why a Kimono Brand?

Since we just started with our Raja Rani kimono venture, one of the first and most common questions we get is ‘why a kimono business?’ and ‘where this idea comes from?’.

So, we decided that this topic is the best to start our blog page too!

 The idea of kimono comes to our mind because is a garment that we really love to wear! First and foremost, at music events and concert, because it gives the perfect look, it’s comfortable, colorful and makes you feel you are flying! That was not only the starting point, but the main key connection! We wanted a fill rouge to keep together our passion for music and fashion, and it also give us the possibility to share and express our positivity and energy with the world.

 We’re wearing kimonos while playing music, dancing, at the beach or when we really don’t know what to wear but we want to stay comfortable and still look stylish. For us it has always been a must have piece in our wardrobe, and we hope that it will be soon a must-have piece in everyone’s closet!

On the other side we have production resources in India, thanks to Raja’s family. Finding the right fabrics, the colors we like and finding the perfect style’s cut – which is usually the hardest part for a new brand starting this journey!

For us is a beautiful game to play. Which color combination will be the best? How can we modify this style to make it better? Is the cut working on different body types?

 We are keeping the collection batch very intimate, in order to give the clients exclusivity and uniqueness and at the same time we’re helping the tailor community in India, giving them stable jobs and good working conditions.

 We started this journey as a hobby but moving forward we’re realizing how important this can be for the tailors who are working for us and how beautiful is to have our own project that is growing together with us.


We hope you’ll enjoy the journey!