Embroidered Linen Kimono Grey
Embroidered Linen Kimono Grey
Embroidered Linen Kimono Grey
Embroidered Linen Kimono Grey

Embroidered Linen Kimono Grey

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Get your hands on our Embroidered Short Robe Linen Kimono - a beautiful blend of style and comfort that's perfect for any occasion.

Each piece is dedicatedly crafted with intricate embroidery, showcasing the skill and artistry of our talented makers. 

The kimono's design is both flattering and easy to wear. It gently drapes over your shoulders, giving you a relaxed, graceful look. Its shorter length gives it a modern twist, making it a versatile choice for dressing up or down.


Pair your Robe Kimono with a simple, solid-colored outfit underneath. Whether it's a classic white tee and jeans or a sleek black dress, the kimono will add an instant touch of elegance to your look. Don't forget to cinch it at the waist with the tie for a flattering silhouette. Finish off with your favorite footwears for a chic and effortless ensemble that's sure to turn heads.


Made with a light, breathable linen fabric to make sure you feel comfortable all day long. Whether you're headed out for a special event or just adding a little flair to your everyday look, this kimono is a perfect fit.


The embroidery dances gracefully on the fabric, creating a visual feast that's both captivating and chic. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a stylish layer to your everyday look.

SIZE Unique Size/Unisex


A: ARMS – 52 cm/ 20.5 in

B: BACK SIDE- 82 cm/ 32.3 in

C: FRONT SIDE- 100 cm/ 39.4 in