Dancing Dempsey

Dancing Dempsey - BOHO Edition

16 October 2022

Are you ready for a special edition of Dancing Dempsey? Mark your calendar on the 16th of October and get ready to express your beautiful self! This time Dancing Dempsey became a theme party… so grab your best BOHO outfit and bring it to the dance floor.



Dancing Dempsey - Edition 2

10 July 2022

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to shake your boootieees!
In the amazing location - Frangipani Bistro at Dempsey Hill, let us share with you our new kimono collection and a day filled with beautiful faces and pumping music.
Nice Indians bites will give you the energy during the evening and nice cocktails and wine will booze you up!


Dancing Dempsey - Edition 1

22 May 2022

What are the ingredients for a perfect Sunday? A garden, nice music, an intimate dance floor, cocktails, Indian bites and most importantly your loved ones around you.We got you covered 😊At Dancing Dempsey you’ll find all the ingredients for your perfect Sunday recipe!